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Our History

Zhejiang Reallin Electron Co., LTD., founded in 2004, is a specialized high-tech enterprise gathering the research and development. as well as production, sales and provide good service for its products which are including all kinds of Electricity Meters, AMI & AMR system, Test Equipments, Electronic Components…

Our Factory

The total factory area is about 200,000 square feet, and the dormitory is about 22,000 square feet. The company has over 300 staffs, and the R&D and Engineering technical team is more than 150 persons. The factory with its own SMT line, assembling line, Calibration, Aging , final testing lines. To make sure high quality and efficient & reliable production, the company input a series of high tech automatic machine & device .....The production capacity is around 6 million pcs single phase meters and 1.3 million three phase meters annually. 

The primary service of Reallin is focus in overseas markets in the world like European, Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia

Product Application

Reallin always aims to offer high standard and high quality products for the customers. The excellent and enthusiastic R&D team, the advanced High-Tech equipments and numbers of patented technologies are the basement and the strong guarantee for the high standard and quality products. Normative and advanced scientific management provide the company and its products an successful access to be qualified according many international standards like ISO17025, ISO9001 and ISO14001, CE, MID( mode B and mode D), PTB, MIKES, KEMA, NMI, STS, DLMS, PRIME PLC, G3 PLC… 

Production Equipment

-Reallin with its professional high standard laboratory is certificated by ISO17025 and its professional test team. The lab is approval as the authorised independent lab to proceed the testing for the third party. 

-EMC lab 

-Durability lab

Accelerated reliability testing lab 


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